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How’s it going, if you are reading this page right now, I hope it is because you are interested in how I built and several other affiliate websites and how I profit with them, but more importantly how you can get started with a website of your very own. What I want to make clear right now is… You can choose literally anything to write about and review, but the main thing you need to do is choose something and you need to learn how to build a website.

On one of my other websites,, I have a free 30-Minute video explaining how you can choose literally anything and market it to only the people that are interested in your products. If you are not interested in Nerf Guns, I don’t know why you would read my reviews on Nerf Guns, but obviously you are interested in making money with a website of your very own. So, in the menu you will see “How To Market Anything” Check that out if you need even more info after reading the rest of this page.

Okay, so I am part of a community of online entrepreneurs, a community that communicates with each other about our online businesses, our websites. We have all went through a centralized training that doesn’t just teach you how to build a website, but how to build a website around a passion of yours, a website that allows you to go from the reader to the teacher, giving you the ability to help anyone with YOUR info! People that need to know something look it up, all you need to do is learn how to get your content in front of people that want to read it, or view it if you decide to go the video route (Highly Recommended But Not Necessary).

Wealthy Affiliate Marketing

I want to make this also very clear… Not everyone is ready to run their own online business, but how are you supposed to know if you never try. When I was in your position, looking up ways to make money online, I was skeptical and got scammed… It sucked… I paid money upfront to sign up! I paid to sign up for something I wasn’t sure about! DUMB ON MY PART! I just wanted to be rich and do whatever it took… Well selling road side assistance was not the answer.

I went on to find a site that not only told me I could make money online with whatever website I wanted to create, but I was able to sign up for free and go through 2 separate Level 1 courses (20 Lessons), I understood the requirement to upgrade, it’s a business, they showed me some amazing things and walked me through building my first website, so I upgraded in the first week for a discount at $19 for my first month, I jetted through the remaining training and found that there was SO much to online marketing and I had found the jackpot of information, so after my first month came to a close, I continued my membership at $49, but what I want to get clear is, I only paid the membership fee because I was able to go through the free courses first and talk to real members in the live chat when I needed something cleared up.

What I want to offer you as a bonus with your free starter membership if you decided to sign up, something I didn’t get a lot of from my mentor… I want to offer you my help the whole way, I send an automated message about an hour after you sign up (Respond To This Message), but after that, it’s all me, anything you ask me, I will respond to you, my actual self. I told you I am part of a community, a community helps each other out, I’m offering to be your mentor, your guide while the creator of Wealthy Affiliate walks you through the steps to build your website and explains how to market with your website. My mentor didn’t help me out too much, but I found my way into the community and learned everything I could, now I am a top member of Wealthy Affiliate and I want to help you succeed, but only if you start for free!

So if, you are interested right now, Clicking This Banner Will Bring You To Wealthy Affiliate’s Home Page Where You Should See Me… HOLDING NERF GUNS! So if you see this, you are at the right place, sign up and follow the steps to getting your profile set up and starting the level 1 training!

Ready To Start Your Online Journey With Your Own Website

I look forward to helping you out on the inside!


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