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Nerf Guns are some of the best ways to have fun, but they are also some of the best ways to build a collection that is always better than your enemy’s, Always Get An Edge On Your Enemy when you get a chance.

When you take The Nerf Gun(s) of your choice and add some accessories, not only do you help improve your accuracy, reputation, and overall capacities of eliminating the whole enemy force, but you add a new Nerf Tool to your continuously growing arsenal to Get An Edge On Your Enemy! Always Striving To Be Better!

Every Nerf Gun here at has a complete review that is intended for you to find The Nerf Gun that fits your style to make sure you always have an edge. Once you have your Nerf Gun of choice, you are going to want to make sure you get the most out of it… With Accessories! Nerf Gun Accessories.

Here at NerfGunRUs.comI try to make it as simple as possible for you to find the Nerf Gun of your dreams, price it, then buy it, and also help you select The Best Nerf Gun Accessories for each Nerf Gun Series!

Nerf Rival Series

The Nerf Rival Series Fires Nerf High Impact Rounds, Foam Balls That Fire With Some Power, Rated Ages 14+. When you take an awesome Rival Nerf Gun and add some accessories, you end up with one high powered, upgraded, elimination machine.

*The Nerf Rival Rechargeable Battery Is A Life Saver And Helps Reduce Battery Usage, Don’t Buy New Batteries, Just Recharge!

Nerf Zombie Strike Series

When you are trying to survive A Zombie Hoard, you need to be prepared, you can brush up on your target practice, and have your ammo ready to eliminate the whole threat. Just Be Prepared with your favorite Zombie Eliminating Nerf Gun!

Nerf Modulus Series

When it comes to attachments and upgrades, The Nerf Modulus Series is #1. If you are looking to upgrade your current Modulus Nerf Gun, you can’t go wrong with any selection, if you don’t like it for one Nerf Gun, use it on another, or just add it to the collection

*Modulus Series Upgrades Work With All Modulus Series Nerf Guns (If Attachment Area Available)

Nerf Elite Series

The Nerf Elite Series is meant to get in and get out, mission accomplished. You need to make sure you are up for the mission, with target practice daily, reload times fast, and pin point accuracy. These may help you out!

*When you are part of The Nerf Elite, You Need To Dress and Fire To Fit The Part. You Never Run Out Of Ammo When You Have Your Whole Tactical Vest Loaded Up For The Ultimate Nerf War!

There are tons of different Nerf Gun Accessories that help upgrade your Nerf Gun, sometimes your Nerf Gun doesn’t need to be upgraded, maybe you just need some more target practice! Either way, always make sure you get your practice in and always get an edge on your enemy!

When you want to destroy the competition, you just need to have a way better arsenal and accessories, you may not get them all at the same time, but a collection of Nerf Guns and attachments to go with them may just come in handy one day!

When you want to dominate, sometimes waiting is the hardest part, build your arsenal and always…

Nerf Gun Fun For All!


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