Different Kinds Of Nerf Darts

Different Kinds Of Nerf Darts

If you have ever seen a Nerf Gun, you should know they are firing Nerf Darts, but do you know the main 3 types? You always want to have as much Nerf info as you can to get an edge on your enemy!

The Main 3 Nerf Darts

Traditional Nerf Dart

Traditional – The Traditional Nerf Dart is the original style that is meant to shoot but not do much damage. They are the smallest and safest Nerf Dart to be shot with. The Traditional Nerf Darts have the most variety of design.

Mega Nerf Darts

Mega – The Nerf Mega Darts are the larger darts that whistle while they fly though the air. They are also much easier to find due to their larger size and color! These are much more intimidating than the traditional style not just for the Darts but also The Nerf Guns that fire them!

Nerf High Impact Rounds

High Impact Rounds – The Nerf High Impact Rounds are the fastest and harder hitting Nerf Darts, they are recommended for ages 14+ for a reason. They are small foam balls that shoot a lot faster than the Traditional and Mega, but fire a lot less distance due to their shape. High Impact Rounds also bounce around a lot, making them a bit harder to find sometimes. There is only one Nerf Series that fires Nerf High Impact Rounds:

If you decide to purchase new ammo for any style Nerf Gun, make sure you get the official Nerf Darts that will help your Nerf Gun last longer and allow you to dominate longer!

Know The Difference Between Official And Non Official Nerf Darts!


Did you already know about all 3 types of Nerf Darts or did you just learn something? Let me know in the comments below! Make sure you get the edge on your enemy!




  1. To answer your question, no I did not know about the three types of nerf darts. I just learned something new.

    It sounds to me like you should have some of each type in your arsenal.

    Traditional darts would be best when you want to be covert because they’re quiet.

    The mega darts would be great for an all out shooting war because they whistle, travel far, are intimidating and are easy to find.

    The high impact rounds would be great for close quarters combat indoors. The bouncing around can help, like when you need to hit an enemy hiding behind something and you can just ricochet off the wall and nail them.

    Just a few thoughts.

    1. Hey Andy, Always love when someone can learn something new about Nerf from NerfGunRUs.com.

      I agree with you 100%, you should have at least one type of each. Traditional, Mega, And High Impact all have different situations that they work best in and you described a perfect way for each! You may not have known about them before, but now you seem like you have a little more Nerf knowledge under your belt!

      Thanks for the comment!


  2. Where were all these Nerf Darts before!? Our arsenals were weak back in the day compared to these!

    Now I’m pumped for my little boy to be old enough to get down on some Nerf wars, I am going to get him the coolest gear and have him know the difference between the different darts too, hopefully I can resist playing with it all by myself!

    Thanks for the awesome info!

    1. Nerf has definitely evolved over the years with so many more Nerf Guns and different Nerf Darts to fire out of different Series! Its awesome to hear someone so excited to get in on the Nerf Gun Fun with their own kid, I recommend all parents have a Nerf Gun, and the Grandparents, and all the kids that can handle one.

      When you get your boy one, make sure you have one that is one step up in power, don’t want him to think he’s in charge, that’s your job!


      Creator Of NerfGunRUs.com

  3. Thanks for this information. I was trying to buy darts for a Zombie Series Nerf Gun and bought The Mega Darts instead of the traditional. I could see right away they were too big once I had them with the gun.

    I had no idea there were different sizes. I was able to trade them for the correct size once I found your article.

    Do you recommend the round ones for small children? I like that they don’t shoot as far.

    1. Hey Lane, getting the right Nerf Darts for the right Nerf Gun is pretty important, if you plan on firing your Nerf Gun! I’m glad you were able to go return your Mega Darts for the right traditional size ones, that fit The Nerf Zombie Strike Series.

      By “The Round Ones” I think you mean Nerf High Impact Rounds. These High Impact Rounds fire a lot harder than regular Nerf Darts, and only work with The Nerf Rival Series, that is rated for ages 14+, I wouldn’t recommend getting any Rival Series Nerf Guns to children too small.

      I do believe in Nerf Gun Fun for all, but only if they can take the impact of the Nerf Dart. Glad you found my post here at NerfGunRUs.com helpful! Make sure you check out my entire site, and learn all you can about Nerf Guns, you will find one that you will really like for yourself!


      Creator Of NerfGunRUs.com

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