Official Vs Non Official Nerf Darts

Official Vs Non Official Nerf Darts

When it comes to Nerf Darts, you need to know about all of them! There are some that look like Official Nerf Darts and some that just don’t look like the official Nerf Darts, then there are the ones that are the Official Nerf Darts, that work the best and do not jam as frequently because they are actually intended for Nerf Guns!

There are a lot and I mean a lot of cheaper Foam Darts that fit into Nerf Guns and they work very well, sometimes. I don’t know about you, but sometimes isn’t my favorite word to use when you get a jammed Nerf Gun in the middle of a Nerf War! It always comes down to personal preference but I will tell you right now if you purchase non official Nerf Darts, do not bring them into the next Nerf War, your odds of jamming are much higher.

Let’s take a look at some Official VS Non Official Nerf Darts.

Official Nerf Darts Non Offical Nerf Darts

If you look at these two different Foam Darts, you would think they would both fit into a Nerf Gun, and they will. I will even bet that they both fire right out of the box. But the real question is … which will last longer. That is a beyond easy question, one was designed specifically for Nerf Guns and one was copied to make money.

You always want to use the official Nerf Darts. The fakes will break down faster, leading to malfunctions in the Nerf Guns. When you go to fire a Nerf Gun, first you must use the cocking mechanism to store some compressed air. If you can’t release the air properly, that is how Nerf Guns get worn down and stop firing far, and sometimes not at all.

Official Mega Darts VS Non Official Mega Darts

Here is another good example of The Nerf Mega Series, there are the official Nerf Mega Darts that scream through the air and were made specifically for the Nerf Mega Series, then there are the knock off ones that are meant to fire a few times, maybe more, but they do not scream through the air… that’s my favorite part!

Once again, I can not control what you buy, but only recommend using the Official Nerf Darts with your Official Nerf Guns. I have a huge line up of official Nerf Gun Reviews with my preference of The Best Nerf Darts to use with each Nerf Gun.

What do you think about the different Nerf Darts? Have you noticed the knock offs? Have you noticed a difference in firing or maybe now notice you weren’t using Official Nerf Darts? Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

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