Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant review

Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant Review

Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant

Product: Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant

Ammo Capacity: 4 Nerf Darts

Best Attack Position: Close Range

Overall Rating: 85 Out Of 100

What Is The Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant?

Coming out of The Nerf AccuStrike Series, is The Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant that loads 4 Nerf Darts, preferably Nerf AccuStrike Darts, that primes with the pull back of the easy to pull T-Handle that clicks and holds at the end of it’s stroke. When you are ready to fire, aim at your target and squeeze the trigger to take them out! You only have 4 shots, make sure they are Nerf AccuStrike Darts for the most precision firing!

The Nerf AccuStrike Series comes with Nerf AccuStrike Darts that are the most accurate because when you fire them, they spin through the air, making their trajectory much more predictable, leading to much more landed shots, leaving your Enemy with only a few options, upgrade their Nerf Darts or continue getting perfect shots landed on themselves while they keep missing you!

With a top tactical rail that allows for scope attachment, you have a few options to upgrade your Quadrant.

How To Use:

  1. Insert 4 Nerf (AccuStrike) DartsRotate By Twisting The Barrel To Load The 4th
  2. Pull Back Rear T-Handle Until… “Click”
  3. Find Your Target
  4. Aim For The Swwweeeeeet Spot
  5. Squeeze The Trigger To Fire 1 Nerf Dart
  6. Repeat 2-5 Until Reload Required Then Repeat 1-5

Pros Vs Cons

Pros And Cons On A Nerf Gun


  • Easy To Conceal
  • Easy To Load
  • T-Handle Priming Lever
  • AccuStrike Design/Darts


  • No Intimidation Factor
  • Low Ammo Capacity

The Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant is a perfect Nerf Gun for any situation you need to conceal your Nerf Gun, this ensures you can get a shot off on your enemy while they may be unarmed, or maybe they have a concealed Nerf Gun too?! When you load your Quadrant, you easily shove 4 Nerf Darts in the front barrels, rotate the barrels to fit the 4th Nerf Dart, when you are ready to fire, all you need to do is pull back on the T-Handle to prime your Quadrant, when you are ready to fire, squeeze the trigger!

With any AccuStrike Nerf Gun, you better expect Nerf AccuStrike Darts… Those are what really give The AccuStrike Series it’s edge, but AccuStrike Darts can be used in any Nerf Gun that takes traditional styled Nerf Darts. With the orange, black and gray design, you can tell what Nerf Gun you are dealing with, plan accordingly!

Now, with The Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant, you don’t really get that same intimidation factor as say, The Nerf Mega Mastodon, now that thing has some intimidation factor, but with a smaller pistol styled Nerf Gun, you really don’t need that intimidation factor, you just need to be accurate! Even more of a reason to be accurate… You Only Have 4 Nerf Darts Before You Need To Reload! Just make sure you are a good shot, practice makes perfect!

Who Is The Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant For?

The Nerf AccuStrike Series is rated for ages 8+, however I am a firm believer in Nerf Gun Fun For All, especially with a small 4 Nerf Dart Pistol Styled Nerf Gun like the Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant. With a smaller Nerf Gun like The Quadrant, I would say this is an excellent Nerf Gun for parents to start any of their kids on, it’s smaller and only has 4 Nerf Darts to make sure they have a limited ammo capacity that you can always keep a count of, it’s always easier to Get An Edge On Your Kids if you know the Nerf Gun better than they do, oh and of course you need to have a larger Nerf Gun to make sure they never try to challenge your authority! You’re in charge! Make sure they know! 😉

The Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant is perfect for anyone who needs to be able to conceal their Nerf Gun into maybe an office or family get together? You never know who else might have their Nerf Gun handy, always keep yours ready! Nerf Battles can turn into Nerf Wars real quick, as long as you have yours concealed, you can stay out of the mess until the end and take out the leader, or do as you wish!

If you are someone who is already a huge fan of Nerf and has an Arsenal that is sure to destroy anyone, you may be interested in owning a Quadrant just to make sure you have all the latest Nerf Guns in your arsenal, but if you only want the best, and nothing but the best, you probably already have better pistol styled Nerf Guns, add some Nerf AccuStrike Darts to the Nerf Guns you already have, and continue your streak of destruction!

Is The Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant Worth The Price?

Is it Worth It?

Before I Ever Make My Final Decision, I Always Have To Ask…

I highly recommend Nerf AccuStrike Darts for really any Nerf Gun that doesn’t fire Nerf Mega Darts Or High Impact Rounds, simply for the one reason of… ACCURACY, Nerf AccuStrike Darts spin through the air when you fire them, making their trajectory much more predictable which leads to much more awesome Nerf Shots!

With this being said, The Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant comes with 15 Nerf AccuStrike Darts, so maybe you are curious about The Quadrant, but not entirely sure, well, I can tell you this, the 15 Nerf AccuStrike Darts that come with the Quadrant are definitely worth it, no matter what, you will get awesome Nerf Darts that spin through the air that you can use with any of your Nerf Guns that fire traditional styled Nerf Darts!

The Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant itself will fire any traditional styled Nerf Darts, but of course best with AccuStrike Darts, with the easy to load front 4 barrels that spin to load much easier, you throw in your darts and pull back on the T-Handle to prime your Quadrant, squeeze your trigger and you are good to go!

For the ability to fire Nerf Darts and easy priming, The Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant does what it needs to, use it right and you will love your Quadrant! Yes, I Say The Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant Is Worth The Price… Especially with 15 Nerf AccuStrike Darts included!

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My Final Opinion Of The Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant

Anytime you get a new series, such as The Nerf AccuStrike Series, you have to be able to fill it up with extraordinary Nerf Guns that are extremely accurate. With The Nerf AccuStrike Series, it is mainly The Nerf AccuStrike Darts that give you the extra accuracy, but the Nerf AccuStrike Series also has a pretty distinguishable color design of orange and black while always coming with Nerf AccuStrike Darts, so if you see the AccuStrike design, except The AccuStrike Darts! But even better is adding Nerf AccuStrike Darts to Nerf Guns that don’t come with them, leading to much more powerful shots with AccuStrike Accuracy!

So with this all being said… My Final Opinion Of The Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant is you get a pretty good smaller pistol styled Nerf Gun that you can use in a lot of situations, from the Nerf War Zone to The Living Room At Home to The Office Area, you can sneak The Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant with you anywhere you go, while making sure your enemy has no idea what kind of Nerf Gun you have!

Since The Quadrant is on the smaller side of The Nerf Gun Family, you have to expect the lack of ammo, 4 Nerf Darts may be enough for you to get the job done, but me personally… I would like to have more Nerf Darts to make sure I never have to reload mid battle, just eliminate and top off my magazine, that’s my preference, but when you are good and want to prove it, using a smaller Nerf Gun like The Nerf Quadrant to eliminate a whole squad on your own is the way to prove your overall Nerf Dominance.

Especially since any Nerf AccuStrike Gun comes with Nerf AccuStrike Darts, its really had to miss as long as you take your time and line up your shot! If you use my link below, you will be brought to to see The Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant that comes with 15 Nerf AccuStrike Darts! If you need more AccuStrike Darts in your Ammo Locker, might as well get a new Nerf Gun with them! 😉

At A Final Glance … The Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant

Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant

Product: Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant

Ammo Capacity: 4 Nerf Darts

Best Attack Position: Close Range

Overall Rating: 85 Out Of 100

Ready To Purchase A Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant

When you have decided that you need a new pistol styled Nerf Gun, you need to determine how many Nerf Darts you are going to need in any situation you plan to use your new Nerf Pistol. If you can make the best of 4 Nerf Darts with an easy T-Handle pull that rotates the barrel for you every time, making your next shot ready to fire with an easy to hold handle and squeeze of the trigger, you are going to want to click the Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant Banner Above to be brought directly to works with to make sure you find the Nerf Gun that will best fit your style of Nerf Combat and then allow you to simply click a banner to be brought to to make your safe and secure purchase of your Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant or any other Nerf Gun and or accessories you may find to Get An Edge On Your Enemy!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my review of The Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant, this little Nerf Pistol is perfect to hide away from your enemy, allow them to think you are defenseless when your Primary Nerf Gun runs out of ammo and destroy them when they come to finish you off, with your Quadrant!

Do You Have Any Thoughts On The Nerf AccuStrike Quadrant? Too Small? Not Enough Ammo? Perfect For You?!

Anything To Help Someone Else Get An Edge On Their Enemy With The Nerf Quadrant Is Welcome In The Comment Section Below!

Always Get The Upper Hand And Remind Everyone… Nerf Gun Fun For All!


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