Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor Review

Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor Review

Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor

Product: Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor

Ammo Capacity: 6 Nerf Darts

Best Attack Position: Close – Mid Range

Overall Rating: 90 Out Of 100

What Is The Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor?

Nerf comes out with new Nerf Guns every so often, sometimes they are completely new, sometimes they are upgraded Nerf Guns and sometimes they are barely different from the last model. If it ain’t broke why fix it?

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor is basically The Nerf Elite Strongarm, without the side flipping barrel to load the Strongarm, The Disruptor loads right in the front into the rotating barrel. The Nerf Disruptor holds 6 Nerf Darts that you can fire one at a time, or with Slam Fire to fire one Nerf Dart every time you pull back on the top drawback action.

Just hold down the trigger and pull back the top action as fast as you can over and over to fire over and over all 6 shots!

How To Use:

  1. Load 6 Nerf Darts In The Rotating Barrel
  2. Pull Back Top Action To Prime
  3. Aim For The Sweet Spot On Your Target
  4. Pull The Trigger To Fire 1 Nerf Dart
  5. Repeat 2-4 Until Reload Required

*Easier Reload Compared To The Strongarm

Pros Vs Cons

Pros And Cons On A Nerf Gun


  • Slam Fire
  • Design
  • Easy To Load
  • Powerful
  • Priming Indicator


  • Model Difference

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor has Slam Fire capacities that make unloading 6 Nerf Darts easier than ever, hold down the trigger and fire one Nerf Dart, every time the draw back action hits the end of it’s draw. The design of The Disruptor is very similar to The Strongarm for the reason, The Strongarm is a great Nerf Gun! Compared to the Strongarm, The Disruptor is a bit easier to load, with more room and not having to remove the rotating barrel to load. Both The Strongarm and The Disruptor pack the firepower needed to fit into The Nerf Elite Series!

This is a bit unique to The Disruptor, when you pull back on the top action to prime The Disruptor, on the back, there will be an orange indicator, letting you know that, you are ready to fire!

I am a bit disappointed that The Disruptor is so close to The Strongarm, making it less desirable if you already own a Strongarm… But still an awesome Nerf Gun!

Who Is The Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor For?

The Nerf Elite Series is rated for ages 8+, however, I do believe anyone younger can still have Nerf Gun Fun with proper safety and accuracy training. I believe in Nerf Gun Fun For All! Parents, test your kids before you trust them! Make them prove themselves!

When you want a basic Nerf Gun, that is easy to fire, easy to reload, easy to carry, just easy to use in really any situation, You want The Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor! I would recommend this basic Nerf Gun to anyone that has an interest in Nerf but do not want to go too Nerf crazy, yet.

Grandma or Grandpa? Office Defense? Kids bothering you while you are cooking? I promise you will find some way to use The Nerf Disruptor to your advantage!

When you want to go into Nerf War with an awesome primary Nerf Gun and an awesome secondary Nerf Gun to back up your primary, The Nerf Elite Disruptor is perfect. When you need to grab your Disruptor, all you need to do is prime, point, aim, and fire to save yourself in those close call situations!

Is The Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor Worth The Price?

Before I Actually Buy Anything, I Always Have To Ask…
Is it Worth It?

When you want a Nerf Gun that is reliable and always going to give you the firepower you want when you need it, I recommend The Nerf Strongarm, but when you upgrade The Nerf Strongarm by slightly modifying it, you get The Nerf Disruptor. Both are amazing Nerf Guns that will preform when you need them too.

If you are looking for a new secondary Nerf Gun, or an awesome first Nerf Gun for pretty much anyone, I say go with The Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor!

Yes, I say The Nerf Elite Disruptor is worth the price!

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My Final Opinion Of The Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor

The Nerf Elite Series is meant to get the mission over as soon as possible. The Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor is faster to load from The Nerf  Elite Strongarm, making this a bit more functional in quick missions. Instead of having to flip out the rotating barrel on the Strongarm to the side, you just load and turn the Disruptor’s barrel from the front.

My final opinion of The Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor is this isn’t much different from The Nerf Strongarm, so if you already have a Strongarm, I wouldn’t recommend going straight to buying The Disruptor. I would recommend you check out a New Primary Nerf Gun and continue using The Strongarm, or checking out a different Nerf Gun to use as a better secondary.

The facts about The Nerf Elite Disruptor are, this Nerf Gun fires fast and accurate, what more do you need from a reliable Nerf Gun. You need to start somewhere with a Nerf Gun, The Disruptor is a great first choice.

You load The Disruptor right in the front, it is quicker than loading The Strongarm… When you have an awesome design, its hard to improve it! The Nerf Disruptor can be improved with Nerf AccuStrike Darts for more accurate shots due to their spinning design when fired.

At A Final Glance … The Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor

Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor

Product: Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor

Ammo Capacity: 6 Nerf Darts

Best Attack Position: Close – Mid Range

Overall Rating: 90 Out Of 100

Ready To Purchase The Nerf Elite Disruptor |

The Nerf Elite Disruptor is ready for battle, just make sure you take a few practice shots on a few targets, prior to your mission. When you are ready to purchase a Nerf Disruptor for yourself or a gift for someone else, Clicking The Nerf Elite Disruptor Banner Above will bring you directly to where you will have the option of frustration free packaging or manufacture’s packaging along with deals on ammo like Nerf AccuStrike Darts. You Never Want To Run Out Of Ammo! works with to make sure you find the Nerf Gun that fits your style of Nerf Combat, The Disruptor is for mid range combat, not too close, not too far, then easily switch over to to safely and securely make your purchase of your Disruptor.

Thanks for checking out my review of the Nerf Elite Disruptor. 6 Nerf Darts with a simple design makes The Disruptor perfect for… Anyone!

Try to find a reason why you wouldn’t want a Disruptor… Unless you already have a Strongarm… Simple, Have them both in your arsenal!


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  1. It has been a while since I have owned or used any Nerf Guns but the look of this one in particular has really caught my eye!

    I think if I were to purchase another one, being able to reload easily and fast would be an important factor when it comes to picking the right one and this one seems to provide just that.

    I also really like the look of the N-Strike Elite Disruptor and for that alone, that may already be worth it.

    My question is, Would you consider this one to be in your top 5 list of favorite Nerf guns? Which other ones do you think are as good as this one?

    1. Hey Arie, I’m glad you found, when you need to know what Nerf Gun is right for you or whether or not the one you are interested in is worth buying, that’s what my website is all about!

      The Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor is very easy to load, even easier than the previous model, The Nerf Elite Strongarm. The Disruptor is definitely an eye catcher as you mentioned. The design is sleek and very easy to fire and reload quickly.

      It really depends what you plan to do with The Nerf Disruptor. This works best for mid range firing, maybe have something to hide behind for small Nerf Battles, but in a large Nerf War situation that you want to dominate, I recommend having a Primary Nerf Gun from my Top 10 Nerf Guns For A Nerf War! 

      If you explore you will find all kinds of Nerf Gun Reviews, what situations to use them, and great recommendation options to purchase for gifts. Feel free to explore and tell me how you like your Nerf Disruptor if you decide to purchase one!

      Nerf Gun Fun For All!

      Creator Of

  2. Dear Kenny,

    As we all know, kids need to play most of the time , this is what they are designed for in their genetics . Especially male kids, that need to play war . I believe this is necessary for their mental health.
    It is awesome that you can load 6 Nerf Darts In The Rotating Barrel.
    However, I don’t worry too much about price, I actually have more of a safety concern when it comes to toy guns like The Disruptor. Can you please give me an idea about the safety considerations regarding kids using it  Is there anything that I will need to worry about ?


    1. Hi Sam, I agree with you that kids need to play, they learn all kinds of things when playing, especially when playing with others. When it comes down to boys or girls, I think it mainly matters what they are surrounded with, not only boys want to play war, but girls may want to conquest the lands themselves.

      When it comes to The Nerf Elite Disruptor, this is a Nerf Gun that fires traditional sized Nerf Darts that are made of foam with rubber tips, when it comes to the safety of your kids, you need to be the ultimate judge, make them wear safety glasses and not aim for the face…

      Set some rules and there should be no safety issues, other than a little sting to the skin that got shot. Make sure you get yourself one too, Nerf Guns are not only for kids!


      Mastermind Behind

  3. Awesome review! When I was in college I was an RA (resident assistant) and I emailed my entire floor before the year started to gather all of their Nerf guns for dorm Nerf wars.

    The entire floor of 22 guys went absolutely nuts. Guys were sodering new parts and battery attachments to their guns, designing masks, wrapping poles in foam to use as spears, building walls and blockades out of card board. Nerf is still a BLAST in college. Not just for kids.

    I bequeathed all my Nerf Guns to the floor when I graduated. But my wife and I bought two of these N-Strike Elite Disruptors afterwards, and I definitely agree, it’s pretty fantastic. They have a lot of zip for such a light, easy to carry Nerf Gun.

    Also… it keeps the neighbor’s kids away whenever they invade with their inferior Nerf Guns! 😉

    1. Hey Jordan, awesome to hear you brought your inner child to college with you, then back home with you. I’m not surprised to hear about all the guys, college guys with Nerf Guns means all kinds of modifications, when you are curious, you just got to find out! Recommended you have some idea of what you are doing, so if any kids are reading this, don’t go tearing open your Nerf Guns… yet.

      With a Disruptor you are sure to disrupt anyone’s plans when you burst in and pop a few shots off on them. Neighbor kids, the wife, the office workers, the whole college dorm, everyone can have fun with Nerf Guns! Thanks for backing me up with your college story!

      I love hearing stories with Nerf Guns involved!

      Nerf Gun Fun For All!

      Creator Of

  4. Nerf Guns are very cool! I have watched Nerf Guns evolve to what they are today. I bought several in the past as Christmas presents and Birthday gifts. Your review inspired me to buy the new Nerf Strike Disruptor for my grandsons and I. These guns are a lot of fun indoors and out. Guess I will be getting on the naughty list for Christmas.

    1. Hey Kevin, Nerf Guns sure have come a long way, I get plenty of stories talking about the days of boring Nerf Guns compared to what they are now! I’m glad I get to enjoy them now!

      The Nerf Elite Disruptor is a great Nerf Gun just to have around, you can go on the attack with it or hunker down and stay on the defense. Either way is effective, making The Disruptor a favorite on a lot of Christmas lists!

      Nerf Guns are fun for all! Nice List And Naught List! 😉


      CEO Of

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