Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper Review

Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper Review

Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper

Product: Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper

Ammo Capacity: 10 Nerf Darts

Best Attack Position: Mid Range

Overall Rating: 86 Out Of 100

What Is The Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper?

The Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper is quite the unique Nerf Gun belonging to The Zombie Strike Series. With The RevReaper, you do not get a trigger to fire with, all you get is a handle to grip and a pumping handle that fires 1 Nerf Dart each time you pump to rev up the internal flywheel. With The RevReaper, you get to select how hard you fire by slamming the front pump handle harder or softer for different speeds. The Harder You Pump The Harder You Shoot!

The RevReaper fires with a flywheel that is pump action operated and top fed with a 10 Nerf Dart magazine that is compatible with other magazines, maybe 10 Nerf Darts isn’t enough to satisfy your hunger for disaster…

How To Use:

  1. Load 10 Nerf Darts Into The Magazine
  2. Insert Magazine Into The Top Of The RevReaper
  3. Find Your Target / Zombie Hoard
  4. Pump To Spin The FlyWheel And Fire 1 Nerf Dart
  5. Pump Until You’re Out Of Ammo
  6. Release Magazine With Top Magazine Release
  7. Repeat 1-6 Until The World Is Safe

Pros Vs Cons

Pros And Cons On A Nerf Gun


  • RevFire
  • Unique Design
  • Clear FlyWheel Mechanism Window
  • Jam Door


  • Weaker User

The Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper gives you a very different firing capability, with The RevReaper, every time you pump the front handle, you are spinning the flywheel and shooting one Nerf Dart at the end of each stroke. The harder you pump the harder the Nerf Dart comes out!

The RevFire also has a unique design that loads the magazine from the top, note that the magazine that comes with the RevFire is upside down designed with The Nerf Logo at the top, just a little FYI, but any Nerf N-Strike magazine will work with The RevFire. On top of that, when you need to clear a jam, the jam door on the left side of The RevFire is easy to open, however does not stay open, but still easy to clear a dart, just open, hold and remove.

Finally, the clear window on the right side that show all the gears in action, is great for anyone that wants to see their firing mechanism in work! Get the gear turning!

Now, if you are a smaller user, a weaker user, The Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper fires however hard the user is able to slam the front handle, if you can not slam hard enough you may not get any good shots, however, you would have to be pretty weak to not be able to fire The RevReaper at all, just find your speed and try harder to get stronger!

Who Is The Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper For?

The Nerf Zombie Strike Series is rated for ages 8+, however I am a firm believer in Nerf Gun Fun For All, as long as everyone is capable of handling the power of such a Nerf Gun as the Nerf RevReaper. I like to tell parents to put their kids to the test, make sure they can fire safely and accurately and if they can, they are good to go. If you want to make sure you keep the power in your control… Get A Bigger Nerf Gun!

Anyone who likes SlamFire will be sure to have some enjoyment with The RevReaper, you don’t get the option to pump and fire, you only get the option to pump and fire with each stroke. The faster you can pump, the faster you can fire your Nerf Darts.

Whether you are looking to eliminate a whole Zombie Hoard or a whole horde of enemy Nerf Users, pump and pump and pump your heart out until you have either taken out the whole horde or run out of ammo, in which case you better switch to your Nerf Secondary or run for higher ground to take cover and reload!

If you are a competitive Nerf War Veteran, you should know whether or not you like SlamFire, if you do then The RevReaper should be no problem for you to take into Nerf War, you get all the perks of SlamFire but you don’t need to hold any triggers, just pump and pump! The one downfall of taking The RevReaper into Nerf War with you is how loud the RevReaper is, each time you pump and rev up the flywheel, you make quite a bit of noise. Not a problem if you take out everything in sight!

Is The Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper Worth The Price?

Is it Worth It?

Before I Make Any Final Decisions, I Always Have To Ask…

The Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper is pretty much in a class of it’s own, you have no trigger, all you have is a flywheel that spins as fast as you can pump, at the end of each stroke one Nerf Dart is firing, allowing for 10 Nerf Darts to be shot out in a matter of seconds, if you can pump fast!

Once you load up your Magazine and insert it into your RevReaper, you are ready to start your pumping frenzy! Whether you want to fire your whole magazine or just a few shots, you can use your RevReaper to destroy hoards of anything. If there is a Zombie problem that is just taking it’s toll on you and your family, you need to do something about it. If there is a whole horde outside, make sure you aim for the head for one shot kills, or destroy their body with your whole magazine, it’s up to you how you want to destroy hoards with your own RevReaper!

With The Unique RevFire allowing basically SlamFire without using any trigger, the top loading unique magazine, and the overall design of the whole RevReaper, Yes I Say The Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper Is Worth The Price!

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My Final Opinion Of The Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper

When you need something that is made to destroy hoards of really anything, you need something that fires without a trigger, I mean that’s a whole extra step, pump and pull the trigger, but with The Nerf RevReaper, you get RevFire that requires you to simply pump the RevReaper to rev up the internal flywheel, the harder you pump the fast the flywheel turns, in turn firing your Nerf Darts faster and harder!

My final opinion of The Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper is this is an awesome designed Nerf Gun that definitely fits in the Nerf Zombie Strike Series, with the magazine wrapped in barbed wire that is specifically meant to be used upside down in the RevReaper, The awesome RevFire, that allows you to fire with the simple pump action and no trigger squeeze makes this a style of it’s own and hopefully continued in different styles, the easy to use jam door to clear any jams and the fact you can watch your flywheel gears spin as you pump your RevReaper is awesome!

Overall, I say the RevReaper Is Quite The Nerf Gun To Have In Your Arsenal, Especially If You Enjoy Zombie Hunting!

At A Final Glance … The Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper

Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper

Product: Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper

Ammo Capacity: 10 Nerf Darts

Best Attack Position: Mid Range

Overall Rating: 86 Out Of 100

Ready To Add The Unique Nerf Zombie

When the unique rev feature of The Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper has caught your attention and you are ready to own your own, or ready to buy one for someone else, maybe a gift? Anyways, if you are ready to buy a Nerf RevReaper right now, Clicking The Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper Banner Above will bring you directly to where you can make your safe and secure purchase! works with to make sure you find the Nerf Gun that fits your style of Nerf Combat then allows you to simply click a banner to be brought straight to so you can make your purchase along with other items like more ammo, or maybe an upgraded Nerf Magazine, maybe 10 Nerf Darts just isn’t enough for you…

Thanks for taking the time to check out my review on The Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper, this Zombie Strike Nerf Gun will wipe out a whole horde of Zombies with 10 Nerf Darts fired as fast as you can pump, the harder you pump, the faster your Nerf Darts are shots!

What is your opinion of The Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper? Do you like the rev feature or would you prefer to stick to The SlamFire styled Nerf Guns that give you an option of full SlamFire or single shots. With The RevReaper, every pump is a shot, the harder the pump, the harder the shot!

Help Others Get An Edge On Their Enemy With Your Opinion In The Comments Below!


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  1. This may be the most fun post I’ve ever read. I was actually laughing out loud at points. The first Nerf Gun came out when I was fourteen, so I’ve had some fun with them. They certainly have come a long way with their designs now! I may have to start building an arsenal again, and having wars with my friends, er, zombies.

    1. Hey Daniel, once you play with your first Nerf Gun, you will never forget that experience, now that Nerf Guns have evolved pretty far, I say it is the perfect time for you to start building your arsenal, you never know when Zombies might bust down the door, or what your friends intentions are, make sure you are in control! Battle them for it if you need to! Awesome to hear my content was able to bring back some fond memories, and hopefully make new ones in the future!


      Thanks for the comment, Daniel!

      Nerf Gun Fun For All!

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