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10 Reasons To Purchase A Nerf Gun

When you are looking for reasons to actually purchase a Nerf Gun, whether you need reasons to purchase a Nerf Gun for yourself or reasons to purchase one for your child or anyone one else…

Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Purchase A Nerf Gun For Yourself Or Anyone Else You Are Looking To Buy One For:

#10) FUN – Undeniable by anyone who has ever picked up a Nerf Gun…

Nerf Gun Fun | NerfGunRUs.com

When you pick up a Nerf Gun, figure out how to prime it than finally get to pull the trigger, there is no one who doesn’t want to fire another Nerf Dart. The simplicity of loading, priming and firing is so simple that when everyone gets a Nerf Gun, follows the group set rules and get to experience Nerf Gun Fun there really is nothing but FUN!


#9) Exciting – The Adrenaline Filled Sensation Of Firing And Dodging Nerf Darts

Nerf Guns are styled like guns that everyone sees in the movies, but these don’t do any real damage. Nerf Darts give you the sensation of actual combat without the much more physical pain. When you see a Nerf Dart flying at you that you know will eliminate you, you still have a chance to duck and cover, recover than get a Nerf Dart sent in their direction!

Make Sure You Know The Different Nerf Darts!


#8) Challenging – Knowing You Have To Overcome Obstacles To Get The Best Nerf Shot

Sometimes there are Nerf competitors that are tricky targets, you just can’t hit them, that is a challenge! Knowing that they are going to be moving, you are challenged to figure out how to get the right shot. Maybe you need to check out a New Nerf Gun to get the edge on your enemy. If the challenge is too large, make your next Nerf Gun Large too!

Large Nerf Guns


#7) Satisfying – Getting The Satisfaction Of Hitting Your Target

Whether it be during target practice, annoying the coworkers, declaring Nerf Battle, or eliminating an actual player in a Nerf War, just hitting your target knowing you can’t do any real damage (But Still Get Their Attention) is so satisfying. Knowing you fired your Nerf Dart across a distance to hit the target you were aiming at, whether you show it or not… The Feeling Is Satisfying!


#6) Hand Eye Coordination – Having To Know Where You Are Aiming And Being Able To Fire Accurately

Hand Eye | NerfGunRUs.com

Not everyone gets this right away. Hand Eye Coordination can be taught in many ways, from video games, to martial arts, to of course… Nerf Guns! When you can successfully learn to aim a Nerf Gun, pull the trigger, and hit your target, over and over… consistently. You know your Hand Eye Coordination is pretty good, but can it get any better?


#5) Bonding – Having Fun Together

Nerf Guns can be one of the easiest ways to bond with anyone you are looking to get to know better. There is not a lot of people that can’t pick up a Nerf Gun, start firing at each other, than come together afterwards to talk about all the awesome shots that just took place! All you have to do is start the tradition, then let the bonding take place.


#4) Nerf Gun Options – The Ability To Get The Edge On Your Enemy

When you want to have options to always make sure you have the edge on your enemy and always make sure you are the one who comes out victorious, you need to have different options to make sure your enemy doesn’t get the edge on you! There are different Nerf Guns for every situation, here at NerfGunRUs.com, there are Nerf Gun Reviews for every Nerf Gun Series to help you know which Nerf Gun is best for you in which situation!

Organized List Of Nerf Guns With Reviews!


#3) Strategy Skills – Having To Figure Out New Tactics When Certain Ones Don’t Work

When someone enters into a Nerf War, they are required to figure out the right strategy to eliminate the enemy targets. Some do not know that they are amazing at making good strategies, they can bring the team together to execute an amazing game plan that eliminates the whole opposing team, while others are not so brilliant and find themselves on the sideline due to elimination from the more strategic enemy teammates.

However, there are those brave enough that take on the challenge of using a Tank Nerf Gun, that holds an incredible amount of ammo that is capable of eliminating the whole team, but once again, it comes down to strategy on how you keep that brave teammate from being hit!

Top 5 Nerf Guns To Rampage With


#2) Get The Family To Put Down The Technology – Need A Way To Get The Family Up And Moving?

When everyone in the family, yes including Mom and Dad, have Nerf Guns, there is never a way to say you were defenseless, if you have an argument, get the Nerf Guns out, work out some deal that involves having to run around for a Nerf Battle.

Do you struggle with getting your kids to get up and play more? Do you need a way to get them away from their devices and out in the back yard running around and having a good time? Nerf Guns can be the best way to encourage your kids to get up and play, but there is no better encouragement than the parent playing too!

Plan for entire family Nerf Wars, get everyone a Nerf Gun, a new Nerf Gun as a gift each time will build up arsenals… Family get-togethers will always have at least one fun part, where the whole family gets together for a giant Nerf War, Traditions start whenever you want!


#1) SAFE To Use – No Real Damage Can Be Done By Nerf Darts

Safe To Use

When you are too scared to get a “gun” styled toy, just know that Nerf Darts are made of foam, they have rubber tips and they do not fire at any speed that will do any significant damage if used properly. Of course there is going to be some pain involved if you take a pointblank shot, but once again, no significant damage.

Each Nerf Series has their own Nerf Darts that carry a different look to match the series it came with, but no Nerf Darts will do any damage to actually break anything (Body wise), its just a foam dart.

Want To See All The Options Of Nerf Guns that are here at NerfGunRUs.com?
Click Here To Check Out My Long List Of Nerf Gun Reviews!

If you have any further questions about why you should purchase a Nerf Gun, or if you have any comments that back up my opinions of why everyone should have Nerf Guns, please feels free to leave your comments and or questions below.

Thank you!


  1. I found this to be a fun article to read, all great reasons to purchase a Nerf Gun! In the past I have definitely purchased Nerf Guns for my cousins and my brothers to play with, not even thinking of some of these reasons…

    What would you suggest to get for a young kid? Are there any suggestions you have for the purchase of a kids first Nerf Gun, I’m not too scared about them being dangerous, I mean your #1 reason to purchase one is because they are safe.

    Thanks for the article!

    1. Sometimes people don’t need a reason to purchase a Nerf Gun, they already see the fun! I’m glad you learned a few new reasons to purchase a Nerf Gun, I see you purchase them for your cousins and brothers, but what about one for yourself? Might as well get in on the Nerf Gun Fun too!

      A good first Nerf Gun for a younger kid, Nerf Recommends at least ages 8 and older, however I believe if you have a younger child, The Nerf Zombie Doublestrike or a Nerf Mega BigShock with proper safety and accuracy training, would be great first Nerf Guns. I think they will have a great time, lots of Nerf Gun Fun! Those are low ammo Nerf Guns that are easy to use and great to use for target practice, till they can handle a bigger Nerf Gun!

      Hope you like my recommendations, and glad you learned some new reasons to purchase a Nerf Gun, you never know when you might need a better reason! 😉

      Nerf Gun Fun For All!

      Creator Of NerfGunRUs.com

  2. Nerf Guns have been great past time fun for us, your reasons to purchase a Nerf Gun are great to share with the family when I need a reason to convince them that they need one. We’ve had a blast with nieces and nephews with these incredibly safe toys. Our niece has been requesting more Nerf Guns for her birthday and your website is a great way to check out the new up to date models! 

    1. Hey Desiree great to hear that you like to get in on the Nerf Gun Fun, whenever you have someone that thinks Nerf Guns are not fun, or they just don’t want one, you have 10 great reasons to convince them otherwise. I always say Nerf Gun Fun For All, so I think it is great you are getting in on the fun with your nephew and nieces, but what about the rest of the family? If the kids have an interest, I’m willing to bet their parents wouldn’t mind getting in on the Nerf Gun Fun too, if they don’t want to, just use this list of reasons! 

      I’m glad you like my site, please check out as many Nerf Gun Reviews as you can to make sure you get the perfect Nerf Gun that will give you an Edge On Your Enemy!


      Creator Of NerfGunRUs.com

  3. What a great post! This is a fantastic idea for upcoming Christmas gift giving. It sounds like a great way to spend a rainy day inside with friends, both children and the adults.
    At what age are Nerf Guns appropriate for? Would a 3 year old be too young for this type of play?

    1. Hi Karen, If you are interested in Nerf Gun Christmas Presents, I have a whole list that you can find a Nerf Gun for everyone this Christmas, Check This Out, 33 Nerf Guns For Christmas.

      I recommend Nerf Guns to everyone, I like to say, Nerf Gun Fun For All, I think Nerf is one of the easiest ways to bring anyone’s relationship closer, and I love your idea, great way to spend rainy days, having fun inside with each other!

      All Nerf Guns are rated for at least ages 8+, and The Nerf Rival Series is rated for ages 14+, but I also stand behind proper training and safety for younger children, if the younger ones can prove they can listen and fire accurately, let them play. Judgement will ultimately be up to you on your 3 year old…

      I hope you plan on getting yourself a Nerf Gun too, maybe a larger one than everyone else’s? You don’t want to be at a disadvantage! 😉


      Creator Of NerfGunRUs.com

  4. I have heard and seen these around in shops but haven’t really given them much notice. Having read this post, it does seem like a lot of fun, especially if you’re trying to get the whole family involved.

    Having a very energetic child, I’m sure he would have a blast with this. They’re a great gift idea especially with Xmas around the corner.

    1. Hey Teresa, Nerf Guns are awesome gifts for Christmas and just gifts in general, I’m glad to see you start noticing these awesome gifts! Anyone will love a new Nerf Gun, including yourself, there in no better way to find out how much Fun Nerf Guns are, then from first hand experience!

      Get one for your “energetic child” and get one for yourself too, check out my Nerf Gun Reviews and pick the one that fits you best!

      Nerf Gun Fun For All!

      Creator Of NerfGunRUs.com

  5. Hey Kenny, how are you?

    I came across your site and I love Nerf Guns, I’m not a kid anymore or do I have any but your site brings back some memories. Also I see there a lot more advanced now with a prime and extra features, awesome toys even when I was a kid.

    I’ll pass it on to friends and family they will love these as gifts. Thanks for the read.


    1. Hey Jeremy, I’m doing pretty well. Thank you for the compliment on my site, I have put in a lot of effort to create a site to help people select the right Nerf Gun to get an edge on their enemy.

      Its a bit of a shame to hear that you used to play with Nerf Guns as a kid but don’t anymore… I mean they are awesome now! So much power and ammo, they are crazy! Nerf Guns are not only for kids, you can get a full group of grown men to have a good time with Nerf Guns, few brewskies down then whip out the Nerf Guns! 😉

      I always say Nerf Gun Fun For All, and I mean it, anyone can have fun with Nerf Guns, you just have to be willing to have fun!


      Creator Of NerfGunRUs.com

  6. Yes, yes, yes. I love Nerf Guns and I’m an adult! My nephew has several Nerf Guns (he’s 10) and my daughter was bought one of the new crossbow girl guns for Christmas and loves it. She’s also 10. It was such great fun to go out as a family and play – we all need to do much for of this and spend some good old, quality time with our kids doing fun things.
    You always need to wear some kind of eye protection though just to be on the safe side.
    I’ve also see someone using a Nerf Gun to fire the bullets for their dog to retrieve! Got any recommendations for that?!

    1. Hi Gail, awesome to hear your adulthood is still mixed with your inner child, never let your inner child go! When you have kids that have Nerf Guns, there is usually a target they can both agree on… The adults! They think they have the upper hand because they don’t think adults can play with Nerf Guns. Make sure you get yourself one to defend yourself with, I recommend a higher powered one then theirs?

      For the Nerf Guns that fire balls for your canine friends, you should check out this, – Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Set. Never leave your four legged friend out of the fun!


      Never Grow Up!

      Master Mind Behind NerfGunRUs.com 

  7. After reading this, I definitely want to purchase a Nerf Gun! My best friend recently got himself a few of them and we had a Nerf War at his house last month. I most say that it was actually kind of fun as I hadn’t done something like that in a very long time. Just like you said though, it’s a way to put down the technology and have fun with friends and family.

  8. Nice content. I like how you give a reason why one should purchase each option and give us some more useful links after some of the reasons you mentioned. It certainly gave me more of an idea of what Nerf Gun I would want to purchase next. I always wanted a big gun that I could go ballistic with, and now I know that the Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Mega Mastodon is my kind of Nerf Gun.

  9. Nerf Guns are always a great toy for me. Whether they are bow and arrow, gel blasters or water guns, I just love all of them. I think every parent should buy Nerf Blasters for their kids because they will learn about aiming and shooting.

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