Best Toy Guns You Can Buy (Nerf Edition) |

Best Toy Guns You Can Buy (Nerf Edition)

Toys Guns are just that, Toys, they fire foam Darts or Balls, some fire a little bit harder projectiles, and if used properly, provide hours worth of fun. Hiding, shooting, ducking and firing, on the go, from the bunker you built yourself, from a higher view point, where ever you can find your self a place to get an edge on your enemy is an awesome place to be when in Mid Combat.

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I like Nerf Guns, obviously… My site is called for a reason and has over 60 Nerf Gun Reviews, I’m going to say this right now… I think Nerf Is The Best Brand Of Toy Gun, they have been creating Nerf Guns since 1969, that is over 45 years of constant improvement to accuracy, durability, and of course, Safety, with a ton of awesome designs.When you get into the “bit harder projectiles” the safety goes down a bit, stick with Nerf to make sure everyone will be sure to join in on the fun… Nerf Gun Fun!

Anyone can pick up a Nerf Gun, take a few practice shots, and be ready to hop into the Next Nerf War. A Nerf War can start with friends, coworkers, family, really anyone that has or can use a Nerf Gun (So… Anyone, Don’t Let Them Tell You Otherwise!) to help your team achieve victory. All they have to do is not get hit, they will get the hang of it eventually, just have fun!

When it comes down to which are The Best Toy Guns from Nerf, I honestly have to tell you that it depends on your style and how you plan to eliminate the enemy.

There are some players who want to run up to you and blast you with their shotgun styled Nerf Gun (Boom… You’re Gone), Some that want to hang out in the back of the Nerf War Zone and pick you off with their crazy accurate Nerf Sniper (Where Did That Come From?… You’re Gone), some that are just lurking behind the next corner with their Doomlands Monster annihilators (Walking, Walking, Walking… What The… You’re Gone), then there are some that just walk around aimlessly and have no real clue what is going on… Those are the best target practice, make sure you tell your team… “I Need The Target Practice!”

I can not tell you what Nerf Gun to enter the Next Nerf War Zone with because I do not know your exact Nerf Combat Style, but I can give you my best recommendations and let you choose for yourself! No One Knows You Like You.

Shotgun Styled Nerf Guns

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rough Cut 2×4

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rough Cut 2x4 Review

My Overall Rating: 88 Out Of 100

Ammo Capacity: 8 Nerf Darts

Click Here To Read The Full Review


When you want to make sure you hit your target from close range, well, you do it with two Nerf Darts instead of one, duh. The Nerf Crosscut 2×4 is a pump action Nerf Gun that loads 8 Nerf Darts in the front barrels and fires 2 Nerf Darts with each pump action and pull of the trigger.

Nerf N-Strike Mega Double Breach

Nerf N-Strike Elite Double Breach Blaster Review

My Overall Rating: 93 Out Of 100 

Ammo Capacity: 2 Nerf Mega Darts

Click Here To Read The Full Review


When you really want to get the feeling of pointblank domination. The pump action Nerf Mega Double Breach is a shotgun style hands down. Pump and blast, pump and blast, Reload. This is the typical… Boom, your gone. Huge fan of the Double Breach.

Load 2 Nerf Mega Darts in the side, pump and shoot, that’s a typical Shotgun Style.

Nerf N-Strike Mega TwinShock

The Nerf N-Strike Mega TwinShock Review

My Overall Rating: 94 Out Of 100 

Ammo Capacity: 8 Nerf Mega Darts

Click Here To Read The Full Review


So, when you want to take the power of The Double Breach and add it to the can not miss attitude of The Rough Cut… You end up with this monster of a Nerf Gun that fires 2 Nerf Mega Darts at a time. Simply use the bottom grip to pump then squeeze the trigger half way to fire 1 Nerf Meg Dart, then all the way to fire the 2nd, or you can pump and fully pull the trigger to fire 2 Nerf Mega Darts at your target who will only wonder what to do!

Sniper Styled Nerf Guns

Nerf N-Strike Elite Longshot CS-6

Nerf N-Strike Elite Longshot CS-6 Review

My Overall Rating: 88 Out Of 100

Ammo Capacity: 6 Nerf Darts

Click Here To Read The Full Review


You might be thinking that Sniper Class is the way to go when you want to go into Nerf War, I mean you get to stay out of the combat line of sight, so not really anyone is looking for you as your teammates go on inside. You just sit back and pick your target. Better hope you don’t end up being the last one standing, they will definitely be looking for you then.

With The Nerf Elite Longshot CS-6, you get quite The Nerf Sniper. You get a 6 Nerf Dart clip that can hold any traditional sized Nerf Dart (AccuStrike Is The Most Accurate), and fire long range. Literally, sit back and pick your targets.

Nerf AccuStrike RaptorStrike

Nerf AccuStrike RaptorStrike Review

My Overall Rating: 89 Out Of 100

Ammo Capacity: 6 Nerf Darts

Click Here To Read The Full Review


By Far, the newest and coolest Nerf Sniper. The Nerf AccuStrike RaptorStrike is designed for accuracy, coming specifically with Nerf AccuStrike Darts that spin through the air, making them fly straight instead of flying any unpredictable way.

Extend the bipod any where you go and make sure you take the most accurate shot you can… with the most accurate Nerf Darts possible. Take Out Any Target You Want! Maybe have a good secondary or a good teammate to have your back while your busy taking aim?

Nerf N-Strike Mega Centurion

Nerf N-Strike Elite Centurion Blaster Review

My Overall Rating: 91 Out Of 100

Ammo Capacity: 6 Nerf Mega Darts

Click Here To Read The Full Review


Oh The Nerf Centurion. When you want to send a message, but you want to send it from a distance that isn’t going to get you in trouble, you use a Nerf Mega Dart and you fire it from a reasonable distance that ensures your target can’t get to you faster than you can get away.

When you send a Nerf Mega Dart screaming through the air with The Nerf Mega Centurion, your targets might not know what’s going on… Move to a new location before sending another one screaming their way!

Doomlands Styled Nerf Guns

Nerf Doomlands Negotiator

Nerf Doomlands 2169 Negotiator Blaster Review

My Overall Rating: 88 Out Of 100

Ammo Capacity: 8 Nerf Darts

Click Here To Read The Full Review


When you are trying to solve situations but you just get pushed aside, you need something that gives you an edge, you need something to help you “Negotiate” the situation. The Nerf Doomlands Negotiator is an 8 Nerf Dart Firing, revolver styled Nerf Gun from the Doomlands Series, where survival is imminent.

Draw back the hammer and squeeze the trigger, The Negotiator is pretty simple!

Nerf Doomlands Impact Zone Desolator

Nerf Doomlands Impact Zone Desolator Review

My Overall Rating: 90 Out Of 100

Ammo Capacity: 10 Nerf Darts

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In The Name Itself, The Nerf Doomlands Impact Zone Desolator, “Desolates” anything that comes in it’s path. With 10 Nerf Darts that fire with a motor, you just hold down the bottom trigger to warm up the motor then pull the firing trigger to Desolate your target.

Where ever you find yourself in the Nerf War Zone, there is always a need for a fast firing smaller compact Nerf Gun to surprise to the competition!

Nerf Doomlands The Judge

Nerf Doomlands The Judge Review

My Overall Rating: 90 Out Of 100

Ammo Capacity: 30 Nerf Darts

Click Here To Read The Full Review


The Biggest and scariest Nerf Gun out of the Nerf Doomlands Series. In The Nerf Doomlands, there are not many rules, only survival. When you show up with a Giant Nerf Gun like The Judge, you make the decisions, you tell people what is going to happen next, you judge the situation and you execute who you decide, guilty!

30 Nerf Darts load into the front of The Judge and fires 3 at a time, with the bottom pump and pull of the trigger.

Mid Range Nerf Guns

Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700

Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700 Review

My Overall Rating: 78 Out Of 100

Ammo Capacity: 7 Nerf High Impact Rounds

Click Here To Read The Full Review


The Most Basic Of The Nerf Rival Series, The Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700. With The Apollo, you load up 7 Nerf High Impact Rounds into the magazine, insert the magazine into the bottom of the Apollo, then with each pull and return of the top lever and squeeze of the trigger, you fire 1 Nerf High Impact Round.

Nerf High Impact Rounds fire harder than Nerf Darts, but do not fire as far, making them perfect for mid range Nerf Combat.

Nerf Zombie Strike Sledgefire

Nerf Zombie Strike Sledgefire Blaster Review

My Overall Rating: 85 Out Of 100

Ammo Capacity: 9 Nerf Darts

Click Here To Read The Full Review


When you are forced to defend your land, your territory, your castle, your office space, YOUR AREA, you need some kind of Mid Range Nerf Gun that does just that. With The Nerf Zombie Strike Sledgefire, you load Nerf Shells with 3 Nerf Darts each. You “break” open the Sledgefire, insert 1 fully loaded Nerf Shell, aim at your target that is invading your area, and see if they back away, if not… Blast Them! 3 Nerf Darts at once should give them a good idea what’s yours is going to be defended.

Technically, The Sledgefire is designed to defend against Zombies, but you know, whatever works!

Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike

Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike Review

My Overall Rating: 87 Out Of 100

Ammo Capacity: 10 Nerf Darts, 4 Nerf Mega Darts, 1 Nerf Missile

Click Here To Read The Full Review


Sometimes there is no right Nerf Gun to take into Nerf Combat, whether it be a one on one Nerf Battle or a 50 on 50 Nerf War, having options always helps. With The Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike, not only do you get to fire 10 Nerf Darts simply with the warm up of the motor and pull of the trigger, but also 4 Nerf Mega Darts, and 1 giant Nerf Missile.

When you need even more Nerf Guns to look at, I have an entire list that you will find at least one Nerf Gun to fit your style. I mean the whole Nerf Modulus Series is interchangeable and customizable for any Mission… You can find someway to manage in the Nerf War Zone!

Check Out The Full List Of Nerf Gun Reviews here at

When You Need To Get An Edge On Your Enemy, Sometimes You Need A Better Toy Gun, Might As Well Get One Of The Best Toy Guns From Nerf… Nerf Guns Are The Best Toy Guns, Options And Safety.

If You Agree or even if you Disagree with my opinion About Nerf Guns being the best Toy Guns, leave your opinion below in the comment section!


Nerf Gun Fun For All!

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  1. Hello and thank you for this article!

    My son LOVES Nerf Guns! I was unaware that they had been around since 1969! Wow!

    This review of the different styles of Nerf Guns is very handy and well-written.

    I have noticed that some of my son’s Nerf Guns tear up pretty quickly while others have tended to last for years! I have often wondered if certain styles are produced in different quality factories.

    Thanks again for this information! Will definitely be placing a new order soon as his birthday is quickly approaching!

    1. Hi Misty! Awesome to hear that your son Loves Nerf Guns, I think all kids should and most likely do if they have ever used one. I don’t know too many kids that can put down a Nerf Gun as soon as they are let free to run wild with one!

      For your question about the quality of different Nerf Guns, there are always an assortment of things that can go wrong when you get a new toy, from shipping to just the handling of the package, they are still toys made of plastic… I don’t mean to scare you, but there are a number of things that can cause one Nerf Gun to go bad while the other works just fine. I recommend always treating all Nerf Guns with respect, you need to respect something if you want it to last a long time. 

      There are certain “knockoff” darts and other parts that don’t help the lifetime of any Nerf Gun, proper Nerf Darts and other Nerf Accessories are recommended.

      My biggest recommendation though when it comes to getting New Nerf Guns, if you are going to get your son one, you might as well get one too! Maybe even more powerful? Keep him in check?!

      I always love to see parents get involved with Nerf Guns with their kids, safe and fun for everyone!

      I hope I was able to answer your question well enough!

      As Always,

      Nerf Gun Fun For All!


      Creator Of

  2. Thanks for writing such a great review on the different kinds of Nerf Guns. To be honest with you, I didn’t know they came in such different styles.

    I was thinking of getting one for my 5 year old nephew but I am not sure if he’s too young to have one. Would you know what they recommend as the youngest age to have one of these Nerf Guns?

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Hey Tej, thanks for noticing all my hard work! To be honest with you, I’m surprised how many people don’t know about all the awesome styles Nerf has to offer. Don’t worry, they will be educated soon enough, I preach Nerf Gun Fun For All, and anyone that fires a Nerf Gun, will surely want to fire it again!

      Nerf Guns that fire traditional styled Nerf Darts are rated for ages 8+, but I always say it is ultimately up to the parents or whoever thinks the kid is ready for a Nerf Gun. I also like to say, if a kid is younger than the requirement, I think they need to prove to the adult that they can listen, and fire accurately, if they can pass those tests, they should be good to go!

      A smaller Nerf Gun would be a good one to start your younger nephew with, something like The Nerf Doublestrike or The IonFire. Check out all my reviews, you will be sure to find something he will like! 

      If you get your nephew a Nerf Gun, don’t forget to get yourself one too! No reason you can’t have Nerf Gun Fun with your nephew!


      Creator Of

  3. Hi and what a cool site! Nerf Guns are just too much fun, lol. My kid loves Nerf Guns and after reading your article I had no idea there where so many different kinds, wow. I will need to go through your site and find out what my kid likes.

    So they have been around since 1969? Wow, that is amazing, too! Thanks for this great site and if I get the right Nerf Gun my kid will think I am king, lol. 🙂


    1. Hey Carl! I can agree with you 100% that Nerf Guns are too much fun! There is no one that I have ever seen, pick up a Nerf Gun and put it right back down, that Nerf Gun gets shot, a lot.

      Yeah, Nerf has their stuff together, 1969 is when they got started and they have only improved their style and accuracy, like the AccuStrike Darts, those things are awesome! I have a ton of Nerf Gun Reviews here at, make sure you find out which ones your kid wants, and make sure you get yourself one, just a little bit more powerful. 😉

      I love to say…

      Nerf Gun Fun For All!


      Creator Of

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