Nerf Zombie Strike Biosquad Zombie Eraser ZR-100 review

Nerf Zombie Strike Biosquad Zombie Eraser ZR-100 Review

Nerf Zombie Strike Biosquad Zombie Eraser ZR-100

Product: Nerf Zombie Strike Biosquad Zombie Eraser ZR-100

Ammo Capacity: 1 Nerf Dart / 1 Zombie Repellent Can

Best Attack Position: Mid Range, Up Close With Repellent

Overall Rating: 81 Out Of 100

What Is The Nerf Zombie Strike Biosquad Zombie Eraser ZR-100?

Zombies can be some of the most annoying problems you can find yourself with… When you are cursed with some kind of rotten meat smell under your home or something else that keeps on attracting them, you are going to need a way to control them! In the Nerf Zombie Strike Series, there are a ton of options to help with your Zombie issue, but once you have a handle on them and want to start having a little bit of fun… Try Zombie Replant!

When you have had enough of your Zombie troubles and want to keep them in check without causing more chaos, you can treat your next Zombie like a bear and spray it with Repellent… Zombie Replant! Now, there are a few options, spray the Zombie in the eyes and blind it (Make It Your Pet), you can spray Repellent all over a Zombie and let it continue to walk around smelling itself, never knowing a true scent from the Repellent, while Repellent other Zombies, or there is always the option of blinding the Zombie then finishing it off with one Nerf Dart to the head! Head shots always work, but Repellent makes it more fun!

The Nerf Zombie Strike Biosquad Zombie Eraser ZR-100 is a single firing Nerf Gun that fires with the force of the front pump action, the harder you pump, the further you fire, reload quickly to keep firing or squeeze the trigger to activate your Zombie Replant, once you get the stream going, control it and hit your target where you want! Zombie Repellent is great for Hoards of Zombies or just one for more fun!

How To Use:

  1. Shake Zombie Replant / Insert Into Top Holder
  2. Insert 1 Nerf Dart Into The Barrel
  3. Find Your Target
  4. Aim For The Sweeet Spot
  5. Squeeze The Trigger To Activate A Stream Of Zombie Repellent
  6. Use The Front Grip To Pump And Fire 1 Nerf Dart
  7. Continue Use Of Zombie Replant / Reload

*Replace Zombie Replant When Empty

Pros Vs Cons

Pros And Cons On A Nerf Gun


  • Zombie Repellent
  • Design
  • Pump Action


  • Accuracy

The Nerf Zombie Strike Biosquad Zombie Eraser ZR-100 is a 2 in 1 Nerf Gun that not only allows you to take single Head Shots and put down Zombies, but you also get Zombie Repellent that not only helps you eliminate Zombies, but also lets you have some fun with your Zombies before you finish them off! How you choose to spray your Zombies is up to you, I suggest spraying their eyes first to blind them, but if you want to hit their nose and take away their sense of smell, that would sure confuse them, also, have your fun while your Zombie is disoriented, it will most likely never recover it’s sense you take away… This Zombie Repellent is some strong stuff! 😉

The overall design of The Nerf Zombie Eraser ZR-100 is quite unique, most Nerf Guns give you a variety of Nerf Darts to fire when you want to change up your firing methods, but with The Zombie Eraser, you get to fire a completely different style… A Spray Repellent, oh and one Nerf Dart to finish off The Zombie when you are done, can’t let one messed up Zombie just wonder around! Just take aim and use the front grip that is a pump action firing mechanism, slam as hard as you want and put that Zombie down!

Now, the fact that you have to pump to fire, and there is no trigger, it’s just one solid motion, you may lose accuracy, the harder you try to pump, so slow down your pump to the speed you need to make an accurate shot! Make Sure You Put That Zombie Down!

Who Is The Nerf Zombie Strike Biosquad Zombie Eraser ZR-100 For?

The Nerf Zombie Strike Series is rated for ages 8+, but I am a firm believer in Nerf Gun Fun For All, as long as everyone is capable of firing safely and accurately, Parents, it’s up to you to put your younger ones to the test, whether they are ready for a Nerf Gun, especially a Nerf Gun that also includes Zombie Repellent Spray (Silly String), make sure everyone knows the rules on where they can spray Repellent, you never want to spray it in the wrong place!

If you are someone who has learned how to eliminate Zombies, I mean eliminate Hoards Of Zombies, then there is no reason you can’t start having fun with some of the next ones you come across. Once you know how to eliminate a Zombie, there’s not much to it after that, I mean unless you find some scary uncommon brutes, but for the ho-hum Zombies that are just not a challenge anymore, spray them with some Zombie Repellent and start having some fun! The options are endless what you can do with your Zombie after you take some of its senses away, oh and once you spray one, it keeps the others away… Zombie REPELLENT!

What can you do with some Zombie Repellent? I bet a Nerf War would be a pretty crazy place to try out The Zombie Eraser, unless it’s a war against Zombies! But with the low ammo capacity and Zombie Repellent that is not as effective on humans as it is Zombies, I would recommend keeping The Biosquad Zombie Eraser out of The Nerf War Zone and keep it focused on it’s main objective… Erase Zombies!

Is The Nerf Zombie Strike Biosquad Zombie Eraser ZR-100 Worth The Price?

Is it Worth It?

Before I Make Any Final Purchase Decision, I Always Have To Ask…

The Nerf Zombie Strike Series is all about finding Zombies and putting them on the ground, there is never a good reason to let a Zombie continue it’s quest for BRAINS… So, when you are ready to help the fight, grab a Nerf Gun from the Zombie Strike Series and aim for the head!

Now, when you have been in on the fight for a while now, you should know by now just what it takes to take a walking, creeping, limping, ugly, smelly Zombie and make it go night night! But now if you are interested in toying with your kills, you can use Zombie Repellent to do a variety of things, such as blind them, take away their sense of smell, maybe even spray a circle of Zombie Repellent on the ground around a Zombie, they won’t want to cross that! If they do, be ready with your head shot and attempt the same trick on your next Zombie, only try a thicker circle!

With the fact that you get a new way to play with your Zombies before you eliminate them… Always Eliminate Zombies When Done, a pretty cool design that is basically meant to keep Zombies away, and a single Nerf Dart to put down any Zombie you decide to toy with… Yes, I say The Nerf Zombie Strike Zombie Eraser ZR-100 Is Worth The Price!

Want A Price Check2 |

My Final Opinion Of The Nerf Zombie Strike Biosquad Zombie Eraser ZR-100

I love to eliminate Zombies in my spare time, whenever I see a Zombie, there is always the question of how to destroy it?! Do you go with the Nerf Guns designed to take out The Whole infestation, The ZED Squad Longshot and ZED Squad Clear Shot? Or do you go with something more aggressive like The Nerf Doominator?! If you are here reading my final opinion, there is a good chance you don’t just want to destroy the next Zombie you see, you must want to play with it!

My final opinion of The Nerf Zombie Strike Biosquad Zombie Eraser ZR-100 is this is great for times when you just want to have some fun with a Zombie. A Normal Zombie just wants to eat your brains, but a disoriented Zombie that can’t see or smell is a much more gentle playmate. It’s really up to you how much and where you want to spray your next Zombie Playmate, but you will have to do some experiments of your own to see just how much repellent it takes on the Zombies in your area!

I Really Like The Spin Of The Zombie Eraser ZR-100, Have Your Fun But Always Use Your One Shot In Their Head When Your Are Done! Zombies Zombies Zombies! Destroy Them All!

At A Final Glance … The Nerf Zombie Strike Biosquad Zombie Eraser ZR-100

Nerf Zombie Strike Biosquad Zombie Eraser ZR-100

Product: Nerf Zombie Strike Biosquad Zombie Eraser ZR-100

Ammo Capacity: 1 Nerf Dart / 1 Zombie Repellent Can

Best Attack Position: Mid Range, Up Close With Repellent

Overall Rating: 81 Out Of 100

Ready To Spray Zombies How You Choose With A Nerf Zombie Eraser ZR-100

When you really want to take care of a Zombie Problem, there is nothing quite like Zombie Repellent, with a ton of options that are only limited to your imagination for what you can think of, I always prefer blinding a Zombie and letting it walk around with Repellent all over itself making other Zombies stay away while the blind one has no clue what’s going on… If you want to give this a try, Clicking The Nerf Zombie Strike Biosquad Zombie Eraser ZR-100 Banner Above will bring you directly to where you can make your purchase of your very own Zombie Eraser ZR-100! works with to make sure you find the Nerf Gun that will best help your situation, in this case, I hope you are ready to have fun with your Zombie troubles, when you are ready to make your purchase, it is as simple as a click of a banner and a purchase from for your safety and security!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my review of The Nerf Zombie Strike Biosquad Eraser ZR-100, I love this thing when there are Zombies around and you need to teach someone a valuable lesson about Zombies, just blind one real quick and start the lesson! 😉

What Do You Think About The Nerf Zombie Strike Biosquad Eraser ZR-100?! How Do You Plan To Use Yours!

Help Others Get An Edge On Their Enemy With Your Comments Below!

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